AFRICA (Multi award winning) (BOOK COMING SOON!)

This is familiar fairy tail story in un familiar setting.

This is a story about the OMUTAGWA which means “The Working Girl” and her name was Africa. That’s right, Africa.

And what she could do better than any one else, was dance. That’s right dance. And do you what? What? She nearly missed out on going to the dance.

She lived on the….. which as you know, is one of the hottest places on Earth. The sun there, is so low, one can almost reach up and touch it! It’s true. Let’s go!

And because the sun there where Africa lived was so low, this why her face…and body…were burnt blaaaack. It’s true. Let’s go!....

Length: 45+10 minutes Q/A time.
Suitable for Junior-Elementry school kids (A perfect family Entertainment).
All copyrights reserved Sheela Langeberg 1991.

1: Two Jembe Drums (Sheela Plays them)
2: A powerful CDplayer/sound system
All copyrights /Sound system.
3: African grain pounding motor + Piston
4: Traditional Ungo
5: Three colorful Fabrics
6: 4 Kilos brown rice or millet grain
7: African ground sweeping broom
8: Shami (Curved Knife only used in Chaggaland)

Songs/Dance/Direction/Set/Props/Performed by Sheela Langeberg
Stage Requirements: Gymnasium/Double classroom.
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