Water Magic


Water Magic

Ones, not so long ago, in the bushman's lands of southern Africa, it became so dry. So dry infact, that humans, the animals, trees and the plants died in large numbers.

The Tribal King, concerned about the well being of his Kingdom, he called his people to sit and council together. There under the only surviving thorn tree, the King addressed his people:

"We have been bad, doing bad things with the water and that has angered the Water Goddess. Now she is cross with us, punishing us by giving us drought, illnesses, pain and sufferings. We must look into ourselves and change our ways of living with the water"

The King then ordered his people to say many wise words to praise the Water Goddess who lived there in the deep sea. He ordered every woman, man, child, animal and plant to think very clearly, about what could be done to fix the drought problem.

Women, children, animals and all the plants sang many songs and danced majestic dances to the men's magical drum beating tunes, to appease the Water Goddess and her cabinet.

And when they had sang, danced and played like madness, when all the hope of getting rain was gone and people had started to walk home in despare... it started to rain! And it rained and rained again! People ran out from their little huts crying "Mvua! Mvua! Mvua! Some children rolled in the water pools. Some danced in the rain! Some birds hovered in midair helping themselves to the falling rain.

But for some, it was all too happy and too much. They sat in their doorways watching the rain as it felt like the skies were wide opened-with their compelling eyes. Some, and especially the older ones, could only cry.

And there, is where our story starts!

"This is a deeply textured tale told in the simplest of ways.
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