We are born, we grow, we mature and we die.
These four stages represent four corners of a perfect square of rituals.
A life journey built within a circle of life a circle that’s our center -a room there our energy and power are drawn from
A woman seated on the ground giving birth is the picture I see. Her arms stretched back touching the floor, creating two corners of the square and her legs completing the other two corners.
Where she sits is the actual circle.-a secret and sacred place for rituals.

Written/Directed/ Music/Choreographed/Performed by: Sheela Langeberg
Length: 70 minutes straight
Stage: 10 by10 meters.
A good sound system+tech a must.

1: One big Fat pot with a wide opening or a huge witches cauldron
2: huge spider web 8 by 8m-
3: 8 costumes
4: One traditional Ungo
5: Three banana trees. 6: A Strong Woven Cloth Rope.

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