MAIJA OF CHAGGALAND: (Multi Award Winning Production)

Set in Kilimanjaro Tanzania, in early 50s to late 80s, Maija of Chaggaland covers many unirversal issues that govern the human condition. It’s the story of a remarkable woman’s (MAIJA)fight for love, life, freedom and success for herself and her family against all odds.
The play depicts four female archetypes: The young maiden, the powerful teacher/warrior, the wise and loving mother and the crone. These significant representations appear in all female cultures, and we see shadows of them in many of our own myths.

Written/Directed/ Music/Choreographed/Performed by: Sheela Langeberg
Length: 90 minutes straight.
Cast: Sheela Langeberg
Music/Choreography: Sheela Langeberg
Costumes/Props: Sheela.

Staging requirements:
1:12 by 12 meters play space/ powerful Sound System and a technician.

1: One cooking or water clay pot 0.5m high or less (Must be African)
2: Three bare Trees with one with a “V” shape branching
3: A big rock or Stool (shall send photo)
4: 12 fabrics
5: A huge standing basket.
6: A huge pot 2m high
7: A Mat or Rag (African)
8: two table (stake knives)
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