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Sheela has appeared in several films in Scandanavia and Tanzania. A recent Australian film she performed in was "Ebbtide". Sheela has also worked in New York, India, and Japan.

In 1992 Sheela worked with the Patch Theatre Centre in "Illusions 90" and "When I Was Young" as an actor and co-author. She also worked for Vitalstatistix Theatre Company in "The Childhood Scar" and in the 1993 winter play reading of "Maija of Chaggaland" In 1993, she performed in Magpie Theatres "Shriek" and "Macbeth".

A well known writer for both Childrens and Adults; her school performances include: - Tunda (1992), Under the Red Jacaranda (1991), Bandia Dance (1992), Ndito the Masai Girl (1994). In 1997, "Maija of Chaggaland" and "Ndito the Masai Girl" were performed in the "New World Theatre" in Massachusetts, USA.

"…more energy and intensity than most actors give on their best nights."

1998 saw the same pieces performed in Galway - Ireland for the 4th International Womens Playwrite. "Amandina" was performed in Estonia and Sweden shortly after as part of the "Persistence of Memory" and "Water Festival". "Amandina" was also a part of the 5th International Womens Playwrite in Athens, 2000.

"…a riveting tale by a captivating performer…"

:: Amandina :: Maija of Chaggaland :: Ndelawasi
:: Vuli :: Pendo
:: Clayboy :: Kijuka The Farmer :: Mountains
:: Ndito :: Tunda :: Vituko
:: Watermagic :: Ndito The Masai Girl :: AFRICA
Sheela has written and produced over 60 shows.


  • 2008: Tanzania/Australia
    Productions: NDITO THE MASAI GIRL/ SALMA-The Girl From Africa Roof/AFRICA-The working Girl.
  • 2007: Australia Schools
    Production: SALMA-The girl from Africa Roof/Dance Celebrates Life (Dance Drama W/Shops)
  • 2006: Australia /Festival Center/SWEDEN
    Productions: AFRICA-The Working Girl/Black Madonna/SALMA-The Girl From Africa Roof.
  • 2005: Australia (Book Week)
    Productions: AFRICA –The Working Girl/NDITO THE MASAI GIRL
  • 2004: Canada/Australia/Greece
  • 2003: Australia/Philippines
  • 2002: Australia/Canada
  • 2001: Australia/Sweden/Tanzania
  • 2000: Australia/Greece/Ireland
  • 1999: US/Australia/Thailand
  • 1998: Ireland/Australia
  • 1997: Ireland/Australia
  • 1996: Australia/US
  • 1995: Australia wide
  • 1994: Australia/Kenya/India
  • 1993: Australia Schools
  • 1992: Australia Festivals
  • 1990: Australia Pre-Junior schools
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