APAI Ethics and Values


logowhite100APAI - Sheela Langeberg - African Performing Arts International "Dance Celebrates Life!" Is an international company based right here in South Australia.

It incubates a team of passionate, energetic and very dedicated bunch of professionals.

We are the Ambassador of the mighty African culture and history.

Our aim is to recognise, utilise and promote the good rituals and ceremonies of the African people, in uplifting the human condition through dance, drama, mime, humour and storytelling.

We: -

Lead and show the way in our little, little uninhabited magical ways.

Never ignore our mistakes. Instead we learn from them.

Welcome other individual's creativity and are open to suggestions.

Recognise others as well as our own achievements with pride.

Lead by example, persistent in achieving the best, eager in doing better than the last time each time.

We deal and operate with pride, open nature, Articulation, Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Trust, Professionalism, Excellence and Consistance.

Deliver with simplicity, Class, Diligence and Finesse. That's our claim.

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