For Children

The productions produced by Sheela are not confined to just the mature audiences, she also actively creates and participates in her own Theatre/Play productions aimed at the younger generation. In the effort of helping the younger people create a method of expressing their creativity through the manner of dance and drama.

In addition to this Sheela actively visits schools at request to essentially work with groups of students to create and then perform certain productions these are listed below. If you would like Sheela to come to your school and create a large scale breath taking performance please contact Sheela via details on the Contacts page or ask her on the forum.

Sheela’s dance and drama workshops are culturally strong. Her dances come from all over Africa filled with chanting and body expressions regarded energetic, electrifying, from active to provocative to vigorous. The dramatic stories, the rituals, the aim and the meanings of the dances are very important and explained as true as possible.

Sheela believes that African dance, songs, culture and traditions and some customs are part of daily life and should be taught as such.

The workshops are for all peoples great and small; beginner’s and advanced.

The classes are dynamic, full of information, humor and high energy.
Sheela is very passionate about African women and children’s cultures, chores, chants and dances and rituals.

Sheela is a brilliant and inspiring teacher and is a certified school and drama teacher.

This map will help with understanding some of the stories and where they have come from in the country of Tanzania. As you can see Tanzania is located on the East side of Africa and borders with Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, and Mozabique. An example of well known sites would be Mt Kilimanjaro in the North East of the country and Lake Victoria in the North.