Events Chronology

2016: Drumming & Dance Workshop

2016: Africa BraveHeart, Three Magical Stories, Coffee Beans & Banana Bunches -animation shorts

2015: Coffee Bean & Banana Bunches book

2014: Africa BraveHeart book

2014: Adelaide Festival Fringe  (Lungs to Laugh With)

2013: Three Magical Stories book

2012: African Holistic Healing Centre established

2009-2014: “Under the Red Jacaranda” novel

2009: Chants of My life album released

2008: Moto album released

2008: Book Week Program

2008: Tanzania TV2 Presentation, Australia (Ndito the Masai Girl, Salma- the Girl from the Africa Roof, Africa-The working Girl.

2007: Australia & Sweden (Salma-The Girl from the Africa Roof, Dance Celebrates Life W/Shops)

2007: Naked Fire album released

2007:  Shanghai- China  (Maija of Chaggaland, Dance celebrates Life

2007: Space Theatre “Something On Saturday” program

2006: Dream album released

2006: Queensland schools (Vuli, Tunda, Clay Boy )

2006: Adelaide Festival Centre “Something on Saturday” Program

2006:  Karlskrona, Sweden (Black Madonna production)

2005: Book Week –Australia (Three Magical Stories, Maija: A life, Water Magic productions)

2005: Kangaroo Island schools tour

2005: Kangaroo Island  (Women’s Drumming & Movement W/Shops)

2004: Ndito the Masai Girl book published

2004: WOMAD

2004:  Adelaide University International Students Association

2004: Canada, Australia, Greece (Maija of Chaggaland2, Ndito the Masai Girl, Dance Celebrates Life, Water Magic

2003: Australia, the Philippines (Maija of Chaggaland, Amandina, Dance Celebrates Life, Black Madonna (reading)

2002: Australia, Canada (Maija of Chaggaland ,Amandina, Ndito the Masai Girl, Africa)

2001: Australia, Sweden, Tanzania (Ndelawasi, Lucy the Undertaker, Maija of Chaggaland)

2000: African Performing Arts International established

2000: Athens & Delphi- Greece, (Maija of Chaggaland, Amandina, Dance Celebrates Life)

1999: Australia, Thailand (Amandina, Dance Celebrates Life)

1998: Sweden (Water Festival & Persistent of Memory Festival) Maija of Chaggaland, Amandina, Ndito the Masai Girl, Dance Celebrates Life

1998:  Estonia (Children’s festival)

1998:  Galway – Ireland International Women’s Playwright Conference

1996:  WOMAD  (children’s)

1996: Massachusetts, USA (Africa, Maija of Chaggaland)

1995: Theatre Works –Melbourne (Dance Celebrates Life)

1995: ABC TV Commercials

1995: Western Australian Arts Festival (children’s)

1994:  Australia -International Women’s Playwright Conference (Maija of Chaggaland )

1993:  Magpie Theatre (Shriek and Macbeth productions)

1993: Australian schools (Pendo, Vuli

1993: Red Match Boxes TV Commercial

1993: Vitalstatistix Theatre  – “Winter  Play Readings”

1993: Australia- Sally Marshall Is Not an Alien Film (project music producer)

1992:  Arts Festival (Bomas of Africa)

1992: Vitalstatistix Theatre  (Childhood Scar)

1991:  Patch Theatre (When I was Young Production

1991: Adelaide Fringe Festival (Bandia Dance)

1990: Patch Theatre (Illusions Production

1989: Ultra Man –film (extra)

1989: Dance Celebrates Life W/shops established – Carclew Youth Centre

1988: Kungstragarden – Stkhlm (Fund raising for women’s projects in  Africa)

1987-1988: Kooperativa Forbundet & Swedish Cooperative Centre –Stockholm Sweden

1986: 20 Manuscript Translations  Swedish- Kiswahili)  for Women’s Projects in Developing Countries (Swedish Co-operatives)

1983-1984: Norrkoping Arts Correspondence

1983: Upplands Bro + ABF Sprak Akademy

1983: Den Doende Dandyn Film (extra)

1982-1983- Oblooms Mode Skola (Gamla Stan- Sweden)

1978-1982: Mandaka Teacher’s  College & Primary school (teaching)

1977: Manushi Juu Primary School

1977: Kidia Primary School

1973-1976: Matogoro Teachers College


“NAACP Best Actress winner Jurnee Smollett stated “Sheela Sheena Langeberg is a phenomenally talented woman. Her voice is like silk. She’s gorgeous too.”

“…more energy and intensity than most actors give on their best nights.”

“…a riveting tale by a captivating performer…”