1. To empower, inspire and ignite imagination.
  2. To give the participants the opportunity to connect with new people, build new  friendships and networking opportunities.
  3. To give the participants another good reason to get out there, exercise and get fit while having fun at the same time.
  4. To share cultures, knowledge and wisdom.
  5. To give participants an opportunity to create business opportunities.


In many countries and especially in Africa, the women haven’t been allowed to play the Drum or Koura instrument, even though it was a woman who discovered and made the first instrument for her hyperactive cousin to try to engage, entertain and distract him as he suffered from what is now recognised as; ADHD.

The boy loved and enjoyed the sounds that the instruments made when he played, as well as, the chants that his Aunt chanted to the Drumbeats and the charm of the Koura every-day. He practiced his Aunt’s chant in his long practices. And with the long practices alongside the buzz of the instruments the boy became very well known in his village and distant villages. Nobody really knew anything about the woman behind the instruments creation, or the joy, relief, freedom and satisfaction she got from being able to find ways to help her long suffering cousin, until now.


To be in-touch with inner self.

And for the female participants to reclaim ownership by giving themselves the permission to play, sing and dance to the sounds of the drum and celebrate life for the incredible thing it is.

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